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This site was established March 1, 2005

The Morales family Web-Site

When you are faced with
an unwanted pregnancy.

We are a beary buzzy family! It's a beehive of activity!

Welcome to
The Morales Family Web-Site

For all Updates please visit our family blog at There's a Method to My Chaos

July 1, 2012

Kaitlyn and Nick welcomed their son Harvey Forest Potts into the world on February 25,2012; weighing in at 7lbs 15oz, and 19.5" long. Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy!

Wendy & Jonathan are expecting their 6th baby, and their first BOY this coming August!

Adelyn is turning 2 next Sunday!

August first we'll be registering possibly 5 kids into school. We say possibly because we're waiting to see if they'll be accommodating for Evan/Evelyn.

Joe is still working for LSI and it's going well. We all seem to be healthy and happy at the moment too! We are expecting the new addition to the family to come early January, and it will be the first baby to share a birth month. We find out gender come August and hopefully we an schedule it for on my birthday for added fun! July, Friday the 13th is when we are planning on making the big Facebook announcement. At the moment I can not say I very excited or happy to be pregnant, but it's on it's way and I am trying to get used to the idea still. We've already heard the baby's heartbeat as well so things are looking good so far. Yes it will be another unassisted home water birth. We have names picked out but we're waiting for the gender to reveal.

So, sorry I have not updated in a while. Having 8 kids takes more time than expected, but the new server my host has switched to has made updating more difficult for me too. Possible will be looking for a new host, but not sure as we, like the price at the moment and the domain is paid until 2015. I do keep the blog more up to date as it's easier. Still like being able to post pictures here easily.

So much to do, so little time. Hope you are all well.

September 2, 2011

So my sister pointed out that she indeed visits and checks our web-site at least once a month. I know there is no way to really comment, other than the guestbook, so I apologize.

The new web-hot format really has thrown me, and with how busy I've been since last year I just have not gotten around to doing much with this. It does take a lot of time which is hard to find. I now have a lot of archiving, posting, pictures to add, and more; which, again, is difficult to do when I no longer know my way around this place anymore. :( Apparently I am a dying breed of those who hand codes things.

Today is Evan's birthday. He is 4 years old today. I swear it feels like he should only be 2, but then again Adelyn is 14 months! So time keeps speeding along.

I have a little over a week before I kick of the new season with a church picnic, then soon after that the Halloween party. Then come Thanksgiving, Christmas, tons of birthdays, and then the church birthday, Easter, and possibly Cinco De Mayo. After that it will be summer so it looks like I will again be busy and careening through another 365 days.

I know I've been lacking in updating the blog too. It's easier to update and load videos and pictures to, but full plate = little time. Of course if I had motivation behind me it'd probably get done too, LOL.

Big announcement for the family is that my youngest sister Kaitlyn and her husband Nick are expecting their FIRST baby in March 2012! Congratulations to them! SO I of course have to update and add them to the site with their floating baby ticker, since I've done it with everyone else.

She's thinking 'BOY' for now which would be really cool since so far all of us girls have had girls first. My brother is the only one who had a boy first.

January 22, 2011

Our server has transitioned and we have been extremely busy since Adelyn's birth. I am trying to learn the new system and when I do I hope to have updated the site with some more update pictures and information.

So please, stay tuned.

July 8, 2010

Adelyn Grace Morales was born today at 5:17pm.
8lbs 4oz; 21" long
Unassisted Water Birth, with dad and siblings all around to welcome her into the world!

July 4, 2010

Yesterday, my brother Andrew and his wife had a wedding ceremony for family and friends. I really wish I could have been there with them. I was planning on going until we found out I was pregnant and due in July.

I am just over 37 weeks now and heading into my 38th week. Tuesday if everything works out well then we will be finally moving. Hoping we can get moved and settled before little Adelyn arrives. At last check I was 5cm and 70%+ effaced, so we'll see.

Joe's work is going well, even though it's frustrating to have him gone now after nearly 18mo with him to myself, when I need him the most right now. Isn't that always the way things happen? I mean none of this could havehappened a few months before he got a job so he could help pack, clean, and move?! Of course now I have this major responsibility just sitting on my shoulders right now, except when Joe has a day off. Oh well.

Adelyn has hiccups everyday now and it's getting annoying a bit. She keeps floating in and out of the engaged position, so it's both a good thing and a bad thing I guess. On one hand if she is not engaged than I don't worry about her coming too early, but when she's not engaged I worry about her actually being engaged when the time actually comes. I've never had a floater like this so I also worry about cord entanglement too. Yes, I am a worrier, LOL.

Friday we spent part of the day at the new place waiting for the water to get turned on, and to clean the house. The kids at one point took a break and had fun exploring the neighborhood actually looking for new friends. Of couse I laugh to myself thinking "And people think that home schooled children aren't "socialized"." LMAO I mean how much more socialized could they get?! They even made 2 new friends on the street and talked to neighbors who came out to watch us.

Any ways, still pregnant, still waiting to move, and still stressed. hopefully the next update will be one where we are moved and have a new addition to our family.

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