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When you are faced with
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April 8, 2007

Jaylen Walking At ALMOST 11 months old

Well Happy Easter to all of you. I was able to find my camera burried in my desk clutter, so I was able to get Easter Pictures taken as well as the Video above of Jaylen taking some independant steps. She started yesterday when she took her official first steps but today is when I was able to get it on video! YEAH!!!

So hopefully when I get the time I will be able to get some of the Easter Pics up in a gallery.

April 1, 2007

Well I could make some teaser remark and say April Fool's, but I am too tired to, LOL. Sorry!

It was conference weekend and we just kind of kicked back and relaxed. I know we probably should have watched confrence since it was on TV in our area (jealous?!) but we wanted to do more family things instead.

Yesterday I took Sariah out for a mother daughter outing to pick up some special clothing for her. ((ahem)) You can ask her if you want and she'll probably tell you but I won't embarrass her by announcing it on here.Any ways we hung out and ran some errands and did some things together.

Today, I took Sariah and Rachel with me grocery shopping. We went to Aldi's first, then dropped it all off at home and then went to Meijer's. We should be set for the month now. It sure was easier shopping with them than by myself like I normally do. Already over 16 weeks and I am feeling it. I haven't really felt the baby kick yet or anything, but for some reason I haven't wanted to feel it yet either. I think because if I do then I know I am that much closer to giving birth. As it is I am practically at my half way point. When I hit 18 weeks I'll have hit my personal half way point since I average birthing at 37 weeks.

So we got the food all put away and we relaxed outside for a bit and then came back inside. While in the office I noticed our internet was back up and running. We have been having sporatic service since late Thusday and it was out on late Friday and all day Saturday. Well we ignored the internet Saturday too frustrated with it. And, since we have digital phone service if our internet is out then so is our phone service. So I checked my e-mail and voicemails to find my dad had been calling the last few days.

So I called him back and reassured him we were fine. We had planned to go to the park but when I realized the time I knew we couldn't. Rain was rolling in at about 5pm and it was already 4:40pm. By the time we got everyone ready for the park it would be raining. So we decided to go out for dinner at a new Pizza Buffet called CiCi's.

I know, ironic since we just went grocery shopping, but we didn't feel like cooking and their buffet prices are awesome! For our entire family of 8 it only cost us $28.05!! You really can't beat that price for a family of 8!! I mean you can't go to a regular restaurant for 2 people for that price anymore! Heck we can't even order pizza for the entire family for that price anymore! ROFLOL!

It was our first time dining there, but it was PACKED!! The food was good, they were fast and clean with their service and the kids ate like there was no tomorrow. Jaylen especially! She ate about 2 full slices of pizza, a slice of cheese bread, ate the toppings off 2 more slices of pizza, a brownie, and then topped herself off with a bunch of green and black olives from the salad bar! When we were leaving she was still trying to eat remnants of cheese and olives off the table! I think Rachel has a new bottomless pit competitor! The upside to all you can eat buffets is that the kids really can eat themselves silly!

So after getting home from dinner we unwound a little with Simpson's and then broke open the cookie decorating kit Abuela sent the kids, since we promised them they could decorate them this Sunday and have them for dessert (a second dessert mind you too now). They had fun making their cookies but found themselves to be too full to even attempt to eat a full cookie. So they are now safely packed away for tomorrow's snacks.

So that is how we've started off this April month. A busy and yet relaxed day! And I am not fooling!

After the kids went to bed I watch the movie The Holiday while preparing and divying up the kids Easter basket stuff, preparing the plastic eggs for the Easter Egg hunt which will now have to be done inside since it is supposed to snow on Easter (YUCK). I am disappointed since I was looking forward to having a backyard to have the hunt this year.

We still have to boil eggs and color them this week, and we are still trying decide what to do on Easter. I would like to go to Brunch was the one I heard advertised was more than I expected it to be, but still do-able. Joe's idea is to just get a Honey Baked Ham and cook at home, but I personally didn't want to have the mess, but it would be cheaper, but it would be more work than I was planning on doing as well as planning, etc etc etc. So we'll be discussing it for a few days to see what we will settle on.

So we are pretty much set for Easter aside for what to eat, besides candy. LOL

I guess I have gone on long enough. Welcome to April and hope you have an easier Spring than what we'll be experiencing!

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