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This site was established March 1, 2005

The Morales family Web-Site

When you are faced with
an unwanted pregnancy.

We are a beary buzzy family! It's a beehive of activity!

Welcome to
The Morales Family Web-Site

March 28, 2007

Liam's nickname is bruiser, because he is the one who always end up with the most bruises for any given reason or another.

This time Mason hit him with something. No one is really saying what happened exactly but it happened Monday while they were playing outside. Yesterday it swelled up after Liam woke up in the morning which was expected. Thankfully the swelling went down but the coloring is "prettier" now. My poor baby is in pain and is going to look like the Easter Eggs come Easter, LOL.

It's still pretty tender for him too and still slightly swollen as well but it will get better with time.

March 12, 2007

Not much going on here. All the kids are over their sickies, but of course that means it's mom's turn. So Friday I woke up with a bad case of vertigo and could not get out of bed for half the day. Things started setting down around noon for me enough to be able to get out of bed in time for Joe to go to work.

Then Saturday my cold hit me pretty hard. Nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, aches and pains, just not fun! Now it's Mnday and I am feeling a little better and hoping I'll start feeling even more better as the week progresses.

The weather is seeming to hold up to the groundhog's prediction. It's been warming up and is in the 50's today and supposed to hit the 60's tomorrow. But there will still be a cool down towards the end of the week. So it'll be a typical teaser weather, LOL> The kids however are taking advantage of the warmer weather and playing outside as much as possibl before it freezes again!

Well I've also had some things happen with me over the last couple of months. I finished the book cover for my friend and so I will be accredited for the bookcover so in essence I will become a publish artist in a way.

Also with my lactivism causes I've recently become involved with a virtual nurse-in against MySpace for discriminating against breastfeeding pictures. They've been deleting pictures of breastfeeding mother's while letting porn star pictures who are barely clothed alone. MySpace has deleted BF pictures, and sent e-mails to women who have had BF pictures telling them the pictures were offensive and inappropriate for 14 years olds and that the content went against MySpace's Terms of Service.

So basically my BF picture of Jaylen was deleted:

And I was given this message from MySpace about it:

When we reported pictures that went against MySpace's Terms of Service such as Porn Star Buffy Tyler's profile picture:

This was the message we received from MySpace:

We checked though and the reported pictures never were removed by the owners. They were still there visible for all to see inclusing 14 year olds!

There has been other news spots reguarding these picture deletions and discrimination.

But I reported much of the happenings to a known Lactivist Cartoonist Hathor the Cowgoddess and it resulted in a comic about it with my e-mail to her.

Of course after that cartoon her site crashed and she is now in the process of getting a new server and re establishing her site.

But this is the comic she drew about it:

So I've become immortalized in a political/activist comic strip. So I am kind of proud of that as well.

Also Friday the furnace quit working. Saturday we had to have it fixed and it turned out to be the pilot light motor or something like that. Ended up costing us close to $350 or something like that. YUCK! Nothing like setting us back a bit.

So other than that, nothing much is going on here!

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