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This site was established March 1, 2005

The Morales family Web-Site

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Welcome to
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November 30, 2007

So after a week of fevers for Jaylen we had her checked out. Turned out she had a double ear infection and an Upper Respitory Infection. After a week of fever fighting though and lots of rest (and no anti-biotics) her fever broke and she started recovering. She is now back to her ol'self.

Jaylen's newest trick is talking more. Rachel taught her how to say "ho ho ho".

Thanksgiving was fine. We had turkey, potatoes, stuffing, . . . you know the usual stuff, LOL. The kids loved it and so did we. We had a white Thanksgiving too, as it snowed the day and night before.

November 20, 2007

Blech! Happy Sicksgiving to me!

I'm fine so far, but Yesterday night after Jaylen was put to bed, less than an hour later she was screaming and crying. I got her out of bed and she was burning up. Temp was up to 101+ So I gave her some medicine and waited for her temp to go down but she was relaxed enough to finally go to bed. She slept through the night for the most part, but got up early. Just before 5am. Joe took her but didn't give her and medicine and when they woke up again for the second time - around 9am her temp was up to 103.7.

Joe freaked out but I reminded him that she was wearing HEAVY PJ's so we stripped her down to a onesie and gave her more medicine. She was pretty much good for the rest of the day and only dosed her again around 2pm. Just before bed tonight though meds were wearing off again and she was turning beat red and I could tell her fever was spiking again. The girls somehow got her heavy PJ's back on her when I wasn't looking, which was probably after dinner when they changed her. Any ways I unzipped her and took her temp which was 104.7 So I got her down to a diaper again and tried giving her more meds but she was being a typical toddler and spitting it out and gagging to the point of puking.

So I took her into the bathroom and placed her in the tub and got as much meds in her as I could. Thankfully she didn't puke again but she was spitting a lot back out. When done I gave her a quick tepid bath.

After I dried her and diapered her I checked her temp again and it thankfully dropped 2 but a few minutes later it was back up to 103.2 - But she seems better now since she is walking around playing instead of laying there lethargic, so I hope that's a good sign.

Liam also spiked a temp today in the middle of the afternoon. I gave him one dose of meds and it brought him back down and he hasn't needed another dose yet. Crossing my fingers that he won't need another one.

Now I am worried about Kaden because Jaylen found her binki and Kaden kept swiping it so I am bound to see his temp spike in the next couple of days too. Grrr.

I am also worried about myself and Evan. Granted he's a bit older and stronger but he's already got a cold and I don't want to be dealing with him and a fever and even more worry and stress.

I think Jaylen might be susceptible to febrile seizures since Sariah had them at 7mo of age and with a high spike of 104.7 I am really going to have to be vigilant now.

All of these sickies, I just don't need right now! We've been sick practically all month long and it has not been fun!

I just hope I don't come down with more sickies but I am so tired and worn out I think I might get sick. Wah!

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