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Jaylen's Birth Stats

Date: May 11, 2006
Time: 11:52am
Weight: 10lbs. 9oz
Length: 21¾"
Via: UC~WB

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Jaylen May's Birth Story

Jaylen May Morales
May 11, 2006 at 11:52am
10lbs 9oz; 21¾" long

Jaylen entered the world Thursday like the fast and the furious.

I was 6cm and 100% for over a week and early Wednesday morning (like 12:30am) I had Dh check my cervix and I was still 6cm and 100% so I had him massage my cervix and then I went grocery shopping. Walked around for 1½hrs. Came home and had DH check me again and he could no longer find my cervix. Went to bed and woke up later that morning to some very painful ctx. They came and went but nothing consistant or regular, just intense and painful when they did come. I thought for sure I was going to have her Wednesday but the contractions ended up fizzling out. I tried to get some sleep but I'd only sleep for 1½-2hrs at most.

Thursday morning I woke up to some more contractions that were painful but still no consistancy. I decided to go shopping again since I needed to get diapers for a couple of the kids and DH was paid. I walked around the store though looking at stuff and to try and get things going again. I got home at around 5:30am and started doing some chores that my husband left unfinished. Like the pile of wet clothes that needed to be hung to dry. Soon my 19mo old was up and then the rest of the kids got up. I got them breakfast and played with them and what not until I finally got tired again.

I went back to bed around 9:30am. At about 10:40ish my sister from NE called to see if I had the baby yet and to tell me what her midwife thought of my body and progression, etc etc etc. Dh and I just rolled our eyes at her/them and told her we were fine. Little did we know. So I went to get out of bed and my water finally broke at 11:10am! Tons of fluid came gushing and pouring out. I was shocked at the amount! Dh ran to get some chux pads as I made my way to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet as my husband ran around getting the things we needed. I was shocked when the first contraction finally hit and I had the urge to push with it already. A couple more ctx came as Dh filled the tub and I sat on the toilet and I couldn't help but push but I was only half pushing, thinking I couldn't possibly be ready to push. By the time I got into the water the contractions started coming more forcefully and I was pushing harder with them. Unfortunately it was such a fast and intense labor and delivery the kids missed the birth.

I was a shaking mess and was seriously saying over and over how much I didn't want to do this; but of course I had no choice at this point. I screamed after each push as I felt her head start to emerge. I told my Dh to support my perinium so I wouldn't tear (more like breathed the words out). He told me the head was almost out. When it was out he told me and then tried to check for a cord (there wasn't one) and I just screamed at him to pull the baby out. He of course couldn't. He was like well honey you have to push more, as he urged me to push it kind of felt like she got stuck for a second because it felt like she was never coming out. The cord was draped over one of her shoulders but he was able to finally grab a hold of her and pull her the rest of the way out.

Jaylen right after birth.

Immediately we noticed she was a girl before he handed her off to me to check the time (11:52am), grab a towel, and call the kids in. They came rushing in and ooo'd and aaah'd. They forgot about Kaden who can't climb over the baby gate so Dh grabbed him. As soon as he saw the baby he ran over and gave her a kiss. Then he tried to climb in with me.

Kaden giving Jaylen her first kiss!

I am seriously shocked at how fast I went with her. I was also shocked at how much more difficult it was for me to birth a larger baby like this. I think I'd rather stick with the 9lbs babies instead of the 10½+ pound ones!

Jaylen's close up!

Jaylen May was born May 11, 2006

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